Employer Engagement Webinars

MSLETB Webinar Series

MSLETB are hosting a number of webinars over the next few weeks around different themes for the benefit of employers & businesses (Employer Engagement initiative). Every session will include pointers to further training available from MSLETB through STA & SFW. The webinars will also have pointers to the resources currently available to employers & employees. Please check back if the links to the Eventbrite booking link is not live yet.

Covid 19 – Getting back to our New Normal; Practical advice & Steps. 2 part Webinar Series

 Webinars in response to the “Return to Work“ Protocol. Participants can complete an assessment after the second Webinar in this series.

  1. Understanding C19, PPE & Protection, Managing visitors/customers, work place practices, What reliable online info/resources are available, busting some of the myths &FAQs
  2. Importance of preparation, training & guidance. MSLETB supports STA & SFW, Preparation of a risk assessment, Risk mitigation, Business Continuity Planning, Phased returns, Contact tracing Mental Health attitude. Staff & Management Wellbeing

Remote Working: 3 Webinar Series (Check Back for link)

  1. “Cyber Awareness in this remote “Digital World” How seriously are you & your team dealing with IT security when remote working. GDPR has this been considered. Are you leveraging the full potential of you digital resources.
  2. TEAMs Training for your remote workers: Basic Teams training, productivity, meetings, use as a social interaction tool to decrease sense of isolation.
  3. TEAMs Training for Management, Supervisors. Productive meetings,  meeting etiquette on Teams use of PP, Video, Whiteboards, Notes etc.

Financial Planning for Businesses – during this crisis and beyond: (Check Back for link)

  1. Business Supports Available (Part 1 – Government Supports) Local Enterprise Office, training Vouchers, Intertrade Ireland, Micro Finance Ireland, Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland
  2. Business Supports Available (Part 2- Other Supports), Banking support, Revenue support, Working capital negotiating
  3. Business Planning + Cash Flow Management, Structure of a business plan, Timing of cash flows

Everybody Stay Safe: Please Protect Yourself & Others

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